Follow our journey as we beautify design spaces one home at a time. We love to share our work to help inspire and educate people regarding Interior Decorating.

How To Refresh A Dated Look

Is it time for a refresh? Does your home feel dated? The heavy, traditional look that was once very popular may just feel too dark and heavy for you now. Maybe you spent a lot of money with a Decorator years ago, but your tastes have changed over the years? Don’t...

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5 Ways To Spruce Up For Spring

The warmer weather is right around the corner and we wanted to share 5 tips on how to spruce up for Spring! 1. Get Rid Of What Doesn’t Bring You Joy! It’s healthy to take a Marie Kondo approach with your decor! If you were given a vase for gift and it just doesn’t go...

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Should I Keep Up With Interior Design Trends?

We get this question asked of us all the time and the answer is really personal to the individual. Our view on this is that because interior design trends come and go, we only encourage including trends in your home design if a style really resonates with you and can...

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Lighting Solutions For Dark Rooms

As Interior Designers we always maximize the best lighting solutions for dark rooms and incorporate the use of natural light as much as possible when working with clients. Natural sunlight provides a feeling of warmth, openness, and airiness and so we aim to always...

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Feng Shui Consultatations – NYC & Long Island

Although Feng Shui has been around for centuries, we find that people are often newly discovering the power and benefit of implementing Feng Shui principles within their home’s interior design. Twice as Nice Interiors are Feng Shui Consultants based on Long Island and...

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4 Things To Consider When Hiring An Interior Designer

Designing your home can be very personal, whether you are trying to choose between paint colors or planning a complete home renovation. When hiring an Interior Designer, there are certain qualities to look for in choosing a professional to work with on your next...

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5 Ways To Get Your Home Summer Ready

We look forward to summer so much in the north east. We want to really make the most of the limited summer days here on Long Island. Because we want to spend more time enjoying the sun, rather than preparing for it, we believe that summer decorating should be super easy and quick.

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