5 ways to get home summer ready.

We look forward to summer so much in the north east. We want to really make the most of the limited summer days here on Long Island. Because we want to spend more time enjoying the sun, rather than preparing for it, we believe that summer decorating should be super easy and quick.

Here are 5 ways to get your home ready for summer ready with out putting in major effort.


Clear The Clutter

Before you get started in preparing your home for the hot summer months, especially on Long Island, you need to pack away your clutter. This is a great time to purge unused items in order to organize and simplify your space.

Summer needs to feel easy and simple. You can use magazine holders for a quick kitchen clutter solution.

Lighten up

As you enjoy the cool summer breeze, it’s important to lighten up your home from heavy textures and fabrics. You can start by taking down heavy curtains and replacing them with light and airy linen and cotton fabric, if possible. You can give your bedroom a more summer feel by changing out heavy bedding for more breathable fabrics.

Get your home summer ready for the warmer months on Long Island.

Take away texture

You can give your home a summer feel by putting away pillows, throw blankets and anything fuzzy and furry. As a replacement to those heavy materials, try a toss blankets, cable knit, or light cashmere, which are perfect for summer snuggling.

Bring in the White

Using white decor pieces , fabrics and flowers is just the right way to welcome summer into your space. White vases and candlesticks are so chic and don’t break the bank.

Adding white helps to get your home ready for summer.

Be patriotic

Get your home summer ready by being Patriotic! You don’t need to save this just for the 4th of July. Adding American flags and Americana decor evokes feelings of long and fun summer days. Something vintage would be great, like a washed out flag throw pillow.

We would love to hear about how you have gotten your home summer ready! Please share in the comments below.


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