Our new design for a Yoga room is for a 55 year & older community private clubhouse.

Our client is the developer of the project, which is located in Great River – Long Island. Our vision was to provide the older community a place to stretch, meditate and to stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

Along with the Yoga room we will be designing a library to catch up on your favorite book and a full open space concept of lounge areas to catch up with friends.

Creating a Zen environment either inside or outdoors should be first and for-most clutter free. If creating a space outdoors, pathways lined in greenery and rocks leading up to a
quite space with a water feature is always a good idea.. Adding a swing is a extra bonus!

We at Twice As Nice Interiors, try to follow theses guidelines while we are designing our interiors spaces:

  • Use colors that represent nature. Keep it as natural as possible.
  • Textiles that are light & soft are important.
  • Natural Light is key
  • Keep furniture to a minimum, but also consider using natural wood or stone products.

Todays furniture industry has changed so much with too many products being produced in China with toxic chemicals and fibers. We are a green company and are very careful with our design selections.

Lastly we always encourage our clients to enhance their space with a natural scent of oils through a diffuser.  This not only adds freshness, but today’s modern oils do so much more like bringing about a feeling of calm and balance.


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