Feng shui design consultations on Long Island and throughout the 5 borroughs of NYC.

Although Feng Shui has been around for centuries, we find that people are often newly discovering the power and benefit of implementing Feng Shui principles within their home’s interior design. Twice as Nice Interiors are Feng Shui Consultants based on Long Island and are experts on implementing the the best principles of this ancient Chinese modality to create balance and harmony in your home as you plan and work through your interior design and renovations.

What Is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui is the study of principles of energy (Chi) and how energy interacts with our surroundings. It’s literal translation of “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. Wind and water are elements of good luck in Chinese culture. In other words, Feng Shui is the art of arranging your environment so that energy “chi” can flow smoothly throughout the home. You may find that you are already using many Feng Shui principles in your home without realizing it.

As experts in this modality we know that the way you use colors, shapes, placement of objects, and many other factors can influence the flow of energy in your home. As an Interior Design company, we use Feng Shui best practices to create spaces that nourish and provide comfort in your home.

At the same time we use our talents and experience in Interior Design to bring to life your vision while staying within budget. A home that is Feng Shui’d will draw positive luck and situations into your life. When you walk into a well designed space, you will feel a sense of ease, peace, and a sense of being supported by life and by the earth.

The underlying principle in Feng Shui is that when energy flows well, everything else in your life will flow well, including your finances, relationships, health, and emotions. Because of this, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are using the best Feng Shui techniques as you decorate your home?

Feng Shui Elements In Interior Design

The principles of Feng Shui is based around the elements of wood, fire, earth, water, and metal and having the right balance of these elements will encourage a vibrant, yet peaceful feeling throughout your home’s interior as well as encourage the energy of good luck to sweep through your space.

How Can You Bring The Elements of Feng Shui Into Your Home?

Wood adds healthy & vibrant energy to your home. It is the element of expansion, growth & abundance. Using the colors of green and brown signify wood. Adding strong & healthy plants with deep roots to your space signifies upward movement with a grounded element. Plants should not be added to your bedroom because they have an energy that is contradictory to sleep. In its place, you can include wooden statues and figures in the bedroom.

Adding the element of earth will give a nurturing, caring, and warm feeling to your home. Bring in earth elements with earthy tones, yellows, & creams, Earth elements work very well in the bedroom and will also encourage a feeling of calm and of being supported by our “mother earth”. This is really helpful in our fast paced daily routines as we live by our computers and phones. You can add more earth elements with beautiful pottery and crystals, sandy colored rugs, & cream toned throw pillows.

Just as you would imagine, the fire element brings a more heated, passionate, and stronger energy into the home. This is an energy for a space that needs to stand out & be the focal point of a room. Add more reds, burgundys, and pink color palettes for more of this energy. Fire elements can easily overshadow the other elements and is best used in more subtle ways, like a rust colored pillow, a burgundy throw blanket, or complimentary wall art.

The flow of water is very important in Feng Shui. Although water doesn’t flow in our home, having clear drainage and pipes allows for this element to work it’s magic as we use water for cooking, bathing, & staying hydrated. In Feng Shui, water represents luck, wealth, & prosperity. To add elements of water, add blacks & dark colors, artwork with wavy patterns, and mirrors. Mirrors will double the energy of what they reflect. Avoid the reflection of unpaid bills and instead have your mirror reflect family photos and fun memories.

Metal is the most concentrated of elements and works to add a more structured, crisp, and fresh quality of energy into the home. Metal energy can help when you feel that you have low energy and motivation and a lack of direction. Adding objects that are of older age, round, and have a metallic or gold reflection into your home’s interior design will increase the element of metal in your space. Objects that are beautiful & refined and show time and patience in it’s artistry is also representative of metal. Examples would be jewelry and artistic sculptures. You can also use silver or gold colors to add elements of metal like hints of gold in bedding.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to follow the Feng Shui rules exactly by the book to experience the benefits. There is plenty of room for creativity by adding furniture, colors, patterns, and textures that you absolutely love while using Feng Shui best practices. Just being aware of what does and doesn’t feel right in your space is the first step and at the same time adding pieces that are personal and meaningful will make the most sense as you think about your interior design.

For a Feng Shui consultation on Long Island or NYC or to learn more about how to add more peace, balance, and prosperity into your home, email us or call (631) 581-9291.



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