Twice as Nice Interiors offers a fantastic new service to help you live in a clean, healthier environment! We are offering a Home Wellness Consultation, our new green initiative.

We saw that many of our clients have the same concerns when it comes to what products and brands to use in their home and how their decisions greatly affect their health and well being. Mary and I found ourselves spending a lot of time educating our clients on how to go green in their home.

We have seen the benefits that has resulted from the implementation of our wellness consults that we have turned this into a service, which has actually turned into one of our most popular requests.

What’s Included in a Wellness Consultation?

During our wellness consultation, we educate our clients on how to reduce toxins in their home. We go over things like

  • which brands we represent that are eco friendly and sustainable
  • holistic habits that can improve physical and mental health
  • so much more!

We also educate our clients on quality, construction of furniture, and what things that we can avoid by using the right brands.

Contact Twice As Nice Interiors for a Wellness Consult today!

We would love to show you how you can use our techniques and tips to go more green in your home! You can contact us at (631) 581-9291.


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