Learn how to refresh a dated look in your home.

Is it time for a refresh?

Does your home feel dated?

The heavy, traditional look that was once very popular may just feel too dark and heavy for you now. Maybe you spent a lot of money with a Decorator years ago, but your tastes have changed over the years? Don’t fret, you have plenty of options! And no, you do not have to toss everything you own! You can incorporate those high ticket items in a new and interesting way. We love using a clients furniture pieces and giving them a new life!

One of the benefits of working with a Designer is that we know which pieces are worth investing in. For our client (photos below), we brightened up the space with a white paint color (Benjamin Moore White Dove), which changed the room dramatically. We then used a lot of contrasting black and luxurious gold for upholstery fabrics and decor to give it a fresh look. We kept elements of her traditional living room like her gold guided mirror above the fireplace, but added some really modern lamps and vases! We kept her traditional tufted sofa, but added some gorgeous modern couture silk tie dye patterned pillows.

Her French Bergere chair was given a fresh new look with this beautiful black, white and gold striped fabric. Old heavy drapery came down and were replaced with a light weight sheer fabric. Modern white swivel chairs replaced the outdated wood frame chairs that once lived there.

Many of our clients are living in spaces that reflected their tastes from 15 years ago, but they don’t necessarily like the modern gray and white interiors that they are seeing everywhere today. Maybe grey walls aren’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean your space can’t feel fresh and updated! As Interior Designers we are able to incorporate our clients style along with our expertise and the result is always outstanding.


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