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As Interior Designers we always maximize the best lighting solutions for dark rooms and incorporate the use of natural light as much as possible when working with clients. Natural sunlight provides a feeling of warmth, openness, and airiness and so we aim to always brighten a dark room through decorative changes. Some rooms are more challenging in that the sunlight is not accessible. Interior rooms that don’t have access to daylight are common problems. There are always unique solutions for any room. We have learned a lot over the years of the best ways improve lighting in small, dark spaces or just create a feeling of more brightness into any interior space of your home.

Wall Mirrors

First, if you are wondering how to reflect light into a dark room, the use of wall mirrors will help to capture incoming sunlight and project some of that light into darker corners. If you do have a window in the room, you can place a mirror opposite the window to create the illusion of more light. You can place some of your favorite accessories near your mirror so that you can see their reflection from different viewpoints in the room.

Light Colors

Adding a light colored paint like a warm white or light taupe to the walls and choosing light reflecting fabrics will make the room feel more airy. You can also paint the ceiling white, which reflects any light from tall lamps. Make sure to use a gloss paint with a bright undertone. Consult with an Interior Designer to choose the best paint colors and fabrics for your room. Neutral light colors as a base will allow you to add more pops of color throughout.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are a great option that can modernize your home while giving you that overhead lighting to brighten the room. Because recessed lights are flush with they ceiling, they look sleek and don’t take up space visually.  This is especially helpful when the room is small and there is not much room for additional lighting fixtures. Using dimmers can help you control the level of brightness as well.

Under Cabinet Lighting

In the kitchen, areas of food preparation need more light. You can add recessed task lighting under the cabinet for a dramatic and functional update. Without under cabinet lights, the lighting from the ceiling from behind you can create shadows as you look down at the counter.

Smaller Lamps In Corners

Sometimes ceiling or recessed lighting is not the ideal solution. To create an open and airy feeling, you can add smaller lamps in the corners and darker spaces. The use of multiple lamps will mean that you can vary the lighting depending on your mood.

Wallpaper With Reflective Surfaces

Using wallpaper with reflective surfaces will help to bounce light in the room. With the right wallpaper, you can add additional dimensionality to the room. Using reflective wallpaper opposite a window will really help to bounce the light around the room.

Window Treatments

The window treatments that you use in your home’s interior design can really effect the amount of light and privacy in the room. There are many types of curtains, blinds, shades, and solar screens and all offer different amounts of light and privacy. Consult with an Interior Designer to help you choose the best window treatment for your space.


Consider adding skylights to the room to have direct access to natural light. Skylights come in many sizes depending on your specific needs. The latest model skylights lay flush against the roof so you can’t see it from the outside of your home. Skylights are easy to install and will not mess with the structure of your roof. They can allow sunlight into any area of the home, even hallways.

There are many different lighting solutions for dark rooms – you can never have too much lighting! With so many options, the challenge is knowing which solution to implement that can enhance the room while still remaining in your budget.

Twice As Nice Interiors can help you with your interior design project – we work with projects of all sizes, from simply helping clients to choose the right lighting to the full home renovation. Contact us to learn how we can help you!


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